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We are so blessed to be in our new home, the Moms and babies are loving it! Your generosity allowed us to purchase and move into our new home in June, and more than showed the Northland’s reputation for giving and caring for its own. That’s why we are very excited to offer you the opportunity to continue to show that spirit by supporting the 2021-2022 annual appeal for the Star of the North Maternity Home called the ‘She is Home, Still Needs You’ campaign. We offer you the opportunity to continue to help Star of the North Maternity home make improvements to the home and pay off our mortgage.

We have a $315,000 mortgage & utilities along with home improvement needs, including; 

  • heating the garage which serves as our ‘Earn to Learn’ Store/donation storage area among many others ($3000)
  • updating the fifth bedroom so we can house 4 moms and a care coordinator for night shift, moving the office from the bedroom, and adding a door. ($6500)
  • adding a sidewalk on the side of the house for added security and another fire exit from the street to the backyard ($3000), and 
  • Monthly Mortgage & Utilities ($2277).

When we started this organization, we found there was a great need in our community. Since then, we have had 63 applicants and have been able to serve over 16 women and their babies. 

These women are in need of housing due to domestic violence, overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, poverty, or lack of a positive family support network. We help coordinate the use of existing services in our community that allow mothers to carry their babies safely to term, care for their babies after birth, and take steps toward self-sufficiency and independent living.

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Mark your calendar and join us for this fun fall shopping event!

Returning for the FIFTH year in a row, Star of the North is hoping you’ll join us for one of our biggest fundraisers of the year!

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One year ago, October 2019, the weather was turning cold, and expectant mom Krista was running out of options. “I was living in a shelter, and I was 3 months pregnant. I found out about the maternity home, so I called,” she said. “I was pretty scared, but I was so relieved to get into the home.” The peace of mind that comes to moms at Star of the North “has been really, really priceless” to Krista. “Not having to worry about rent was a great relief. And the security. We have a locked door with video cameras. I come from domestic violence, so having the security was a big relief. Another nice benefit, she says, is being able to live alone and in community at the same time. “We have a community of women willing to help one another. We split the responsibility of chores and dinners, so I only have to cook a couple times a week.” Krista had baby Lila on April 16, 2020. She graduated from the Star of North Maternity Home by completing all four program phases. On July 1st, she became the night shift coordinator at the home and started back to college to become a social worker. We are so proud of Krista as a great mom and role model for our Residents.

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Fall 2021 Newsletter

We’re excited to update you on all of the progress our organization has made this year toward our mission of helping pregnant homeless women and their babies thrive. 

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The Need

Together for Life Northland (TFLN) has been collaborating with our regional Culture of Life Northland organizations since 2010. As we work to serve organizations who save babies and assist their mothers, the TFLN Collaborative identified a need for a Christian-based housing program for homeless pregnant women.

⇒ Duluth, Minnesota pregnant women do not all have a safe place they can call home and often are on a waiting list for residential housing on average for 18 months.

⇒ Referrals to the maternity home have come from pro-life street ministries, regional pregnancy resource centers and agencies, Young Women’s Supportive Housing, local homeless transitional housing services and government agencies. In our first year, we have had 42 applicants.

bottle feeding babyBaby with teddy bearsPregnant women in a classyoung mother holding crying baby.

Maternity Residential Program

TFLN opened the Star of the North Maternity Home as loving and stable Christian family-like supportive housing available for four homeless pregnant mothers and/or their babies with the focus of moving them to self sufficiency. This vision has come to reality with the support of all our existing TFLN partners as we promote a program which includes education about healthy relationships,  nutrition, adoption or positive parenting, a strong Christian spiritual faith life, a good self-image and empowerment for mothers and fathers. The home serves women age 21+ in NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin, with the average length of stay up to 18 months.

Current Funding Sources

Funding for the Star of the North Maternity Home has come from fundraisers, grants, capital campaign, individual and Church donations. Together for Life Northland is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and as such, donations are tax deductible. Our Annual Campaign Goal to continue serving moms and babies in the Northland in 2020 is $180,000. 

A productive, healthy future for a mother and father choosing life for their baby is priceless. Your investment in the Star of the North Maternity Home is an opportunity to demonstrate our care for an under-served population in a life-changing way! Thank you for your generosity in helping us to reach this goal.

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