Iron Range Location

Expecting women and women with infants are welcome to stay in the home for up to 18 months. The home includes a four-phase program, onsite education, along with working with many community agencies that support the well-being of mom and baby. SON provides not only shelter, but programming to support mom in becoming a good parent and self-sufficient. The home serves women ages 18+.

The programming and home-like model will be similar to the Twin Ports, but with a twist. The home will include apartment-style living so moms with other children, or plans to reunify with their children, will be served. There is also an educational space for day programming to include other pregnant women who need support, but currently have access to stable housing.

The other shortage on the Iron Range is childcare, thus SON is also planning on opening up a community space that will house a drop-off childcare center. This will not only generate revenue for the program, but also provide job skills, income, as well as provide childcare for the community.